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    Custom Green Bathroom Vanity For Sale PLWY21164 02

    If your bathroom has enough space, then you must look at this bathroom cabinet. This bathroom cabinet features the current popular dark green. The slender mirror breaks the rules, leaving more space for the hanging cabinets and shelves next to it, so that your items have more space to store. The black separate countertop is separated from the cabinet below, which also breaks the routine. Not only is the bathroom cabinet more design and three-dimensional, but it also increases the storage space at the top of the cabinet. The overall storage cabinet next to the shower room greatly strengthens the storage function of the bathroom. The lighting effect is added in the cabinet, which makes the bathroom cabinet more advanced. The toilet and bath cabinets are connected, and the design is simple and elegant.
    Want this bathroom cabinet? Please trust OPPEIN, as the world’s leading bathroom vanity manufacturer. Contact our professional bathroom cabinet team now, and our designers will customize your unique bathroom cabinet for you.

    Custom Green Bathroom Vanity For Sale PLWY21164 03



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