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    The Moonlight Shadow series is designed by the world-renowned Italian designer Marco. It is the ingenuity of Italy’s century-old design concept and traditional classics. The collision, interlacing and release of artistic elements and design philosophy bring a high-level sense of the style of the times.

    Design Inspiration
    The design inspiration comes from the change and extension of the square in geometric figures. The end of one of the corners is beveled at 45 degrees, making it visually softer and more open. This new shape is integrated into a modern design style, making the product dynamic and minimal.

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    The hypotenuse open cabinet breaks through the traditional open cabinet form. The beveled surface reduces the heavy feeling of the cabinet. Aesthetics and functionality coexist. The open cabinet with 45° oblique cut and assembled frame gives more possibilities to the cabinet structure. The artistic texture of stone grain, the naturalness of wood veneer, the calmness and stability of metal, and the delicate touch of lacquer enrich product details and enhance the sense of product value.

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    Living room – TV cabinet

    Hyde oak surface with marble splicing texture creates a luxurious and classic Italian living room space. The pumped surface is treated with metal edging, which endows the product with richer and more diverse material elements. This enhances the overall sense of value of the product. The open cabinet design with 45° oblique cut frame forms a visual highlight and highlights the exquisite craftsmanship.

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    Dining Room – Sideboard

    Gray-dark lacquer and white stone-patterned open cabinets form a very eye-catching visual center. With fish maw gold slate countertops, the vertical and horizontal spaces can achieve material echoes, and the sense of space is stronger. The hollowed-out laminate increases the aesthetic feeling and realizes the function of the wine rack, which is both practical and beautiful. The grille door panel enriches the diversity of door panel shapes, breaks the rigidity of the space plane, and enhances the three-dimensional effect.

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    Bedroom – Wardrobe

    The swing door wardrobe is matched with an open cabinet with a 45° obliquely cut frame to cut the wardrobe space in the cloakroom. A patchwork of open grids adds class to the cabinet. The collision of stone grain, wood grain and lacquer materials continues the integrity and unity of the whole set of product materials.

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