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    Door panel color:  Veneer: PWMM1003, PWMM1004  UV Lacquer: PWMC0022
    Countertop: PWTE0022      Style positioning: light luxury
    Design concept: high-end personalized veneer material with original design hardware, let this european-style kitchen cabinet NIER lead the market trend. The new kitchen cabinet NIER takes romantic abstract art as its soul and noble wood veneer as its score, creating an elegant and low-key nocturne. It shows the ultimate noble design attainments of European style, like a “star that never falls”.

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    Product Highlights:
    1. Technology veneer: The kitchen cabinet uses ALPI technology veneer, which has a strong visual impact and is full of abstract art;
    2. Bar legs: The bar legs of the kitchen cabinet adopt the tree of life culture, symbolizing health and environmental protection, and conveying the concept of green living;
    3. Shelf: This modern kitchen cabinet is equipped with a smart shelf, which can be stored and drained, has the function of disinfection and drying, and comes with a red wine glass holder, providing a luxurious experience for quality life;
    4. Island platform: Maple horizontal grain island is full of advanced;
    5. Laminates: Textured grey leather-grained laminates.

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