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    Door panel material: MDF, PVC       Door color: PWMG0254, PWMG0255      Countertop Color: PWTE0048

    Kitchen Cabinet Design Inspiration:
    The new kitchen cabinet Cezanne in 2022, with Kapoor pattern as the main color, is matched with pearlescent sand gold to create a luxurious and restrained color feeling. The low-key and restrained Kapoor pattern collides with the flamboyant pearlescent sand gold, with Roman gray handle embellishment, forming a luxurious and restrained visual experience. Exquisite three-dimensional geometric texture meets restrained and low-key color matching, interpreting the inseparability of shape and color from the perspective of modern design, paying tribute to Cezanne, the “father of modern painting”.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Highlights:
    1. Cabinet door panel: The embossed patterned door panel of the three-dimensional rhombus enriches the dual feeling of vision and touch
    2. Easy-to-clean laminate: black glass material with metal edging, easy to clean and easy to maintain;
    3. Open cabinet: The high cabinet open cabinet can be used to store baking tools, making the steaming and baking operation more convenient.

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