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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23040
    Specification: L4016*W2448mm
    Door panel process: YMA001
    Door panel material:PWMA0537 PWMA0536 PWMA0237
    Cabinet: PWGA0045
    Countertop: PWTY1107
    Hardware: PWWK0002B PWNS0101

    Product design: The overall design has clear lines and surfaces. Classic pop colors and personalized textures. The whole is fashionable, simple and highly personalized, enhancing the value of cost-effective products, and easily owning a personalized and stylish kitchen.

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    Color match
    The warm-toned white high cabinet wall cabinet is paired with the warm gray large-textured stone-patterned floor cabinet, plus soft light-colored wood grain spots, and the three designs and colors are perfectly combined. The pure and natural white + wood and stone elements mix and match to bring a different modern style.

    Structure layout
    Classic L-shaped kitchen cabinet layout design. High cabinets and wall cabinets meet the storage capacity. Lighting and open space settings are not too heavy, suitable for small spaces.

    Process Description
    Classic MFC material. The shallow embossed steel plate is used to enhance the visual effect of the design and color. It adopts Roman gray K04 buckle handle with light, and the hardware accessories are harmonious in tone.


    Humanized function
    The layout and moving lines are convenient and easy to apply to the real kitchen. On the left, there is a beautiful cooking area with the stove flush with the cabinet. On the right, there is a steam oven embedded in a high cabinet design. The middle can be used as a simple dining area for small appliances, delicately meeting various kitchen needs. The kitchen cabinet has a built-in door panel dishwasher, and the integrated design of the cabinet and electricity makes the kitchen more simple and tidy. The open grid sliding door design with light is convenient for picking up objects while adding a sense of agility.

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