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    Design Concept: pure style, stunning not only in appearance. The natural texture and fine craftsmanship outline a strong humanistic atmosphere of simplicity and luxury as a whole. The slate with natural marble texture is used as the main material of the door. The dark texture, the texture of the rock, and the light luxury elements of glass make the visual display more progressive. Exquisite and high-end with attitude, it realizes the light luxury customization of “the combination of rigidity and softness” as a whole.
    Product Design: This cabinet pays attention to the integration of form and details, and uses slate material to play the ultimate artistic space. The high cabinets lined up along the wall are neat and generous, and the whole surface is marble veneer, giving a high-end atmosphere. The island integrates powerful functions. It is not only a cooking operation space, a parent-child interaction area, but also a new social space.

    Structural Layout: The double horizontal layout hides a “plentiful” cooking operating system, and cooperates with the island in the slate to align the kitchen space flow. The careful study of details makes every design release the proud vitality.

    Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet With Island PLCC21415 1440 600 1
    Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet With Island PLCC21415 1440 600 2

    Color Matching: The cabinets are blended with the natural texture of light-colored marble and the stable dark gray style, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

    Process Description: The integrated design of the door panel shape and the handle highlights the overall high-end quality.

    Material Characteristics: The slate craftsmanship has clear outlines, strong three-dimensional sense, obvious sand grain texture, and more toughness, which is deeply loved by young elites.
    Function/Humanization: Fully open layout with grayscale tones, emphasizing the pure creative concept. The distribution of moving lines is reasonable, and the internal integration of pull baskets and pendants is rich in functions. The large-scale customized form and the hidden functional system behind the high cabinet create a clean and high-end quality, which perfectly meets the convenient life of modern urbanites.

    Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet With Island PLCC21415 1440 600 3
    Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet With Island PLCC21415 1440 600 4



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