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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23022
    Specification: L4339*W2953mm
    Door panel process: YMH107, YMH108, YMH109
    Door panel material:PWMH0070, PWMH0071
    Door: YML061C
    Cabinet: PWGA0045
    Countertop: PWTY1111
    Hardware: PWWK0197, PWNC0137, PWNN0012A

    Product design: New kitchen cabinet PLCC23022 uses natural texture cream tone and delicate material texture. It mixes and matches the metal buckle door type and the handle-free door type to easily create a cream style suitable for various usage scenarios.



    Color match
    Creamy white + vital green door panels, with micro-textured matte countertops

    Structure layout

    L-shape with island+dining table. The combination of Chinese and Western kitchen + dining area is integrated to enhance the cabinet experience.

    Process Description
    The arc-shaped powder-coated door panel on the side of the island echoes the arc design of the countertop and decorative columns, making the whole cabinet more layered. The curved design of the buckle door panel not only satisfies the practicality but also ensures the aesthetic feeling of the whole cabinet. White powder-coated aluminum frame door, the integrated design of aluminum frame door and door panel is harmonious and beautiful.

    Humanized function
    The kitchen cabinet design includes high cabinet built-in appliances, island table design, glass wine cabinet design, with more diversified functions, improving space utilization and enhancing the social attributes of kitchen space. The design of the light strip under the island countertop and the design of the irregular display cabinet with lights on the curved edge break the dullness. Both storage and decoration are more in line with the concept of young kitchens.




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