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    Style: Modern
    Material: PVC
    Basin cabinet size: W800*H480*D460mm
    Mirror cabinet size: W800*H720*D170mm
    Design concept: Art has been given a lot of new vitality, and it has also inspired people’s new aesthetic perspective and life needs. For this bathroom cabinet, we mainly designed the storage and lighting to meet the daily needs of contemporary people and store the trivialities of life.

    Black Bathroom Vanity with White Sink Wholesale SHADOW 02

    Bathroom Cabinet Features:
    1. Fashionable and luxurious, with full functions – a bathroom cabinet with both appearance and strength;
    2. The high-temperature ceramic under-counter basin is beautifully connected, durable and convenient;
    3. Oversized storage cabinets and mirror cabinets meet daily storage requirements and keep them clean and orderly;
    4. Door panel: The new blister process makes the cabinet body delicate in texture, high in plasticity and cost-effective;

    Black Bathroom Vanity with White Sink Wholesale SHADOW 03



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