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    Custom Contemporary Large Aluminium Sliding Windows CSW88 02

    Applicable scenarios: all kinds of middle and low floor balcony windows, bedroom windows, bathroom windows, etc.


    1. Wind-proof blocks are used for the upper and lower rails where the window sash is closed and overlapped to prevent mosquitoes from crawling in and make it more sealed and safer.

    2. Concealed dual independent drainage channel drainage design, drainage speed is faster, and the appearance is more beautiful.

    3. The design of sliding outside high and inside low prevents the window sash from falling out of the rail and improves the safety of doors and windows.

    4. The standard anti-balance wheel reduces the shaking of doors and windows and improves the stability of the product.

    Product configuration:

    Main wall thickness: 1.4+2.0mm

    Heat insulation strip: 20+14.8mm imported from Germany

    Standard hardware: Made in China

    Standard glass: 5+12Ar+5

    Standard gauze: 0.6*14-304



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