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    Lacquer Modern Bathroom Vanity PLWY17084 01

    Series: Classic Series
    Style: modern
    Door Panel Material: Lacquer + Laminate
    Countertop: Phoenix Stone Nano
    Design concept:
    Small space, big wisdom, use exquisite details to explore more space for use. The combination design of the laundry cabinet and the bathroom cabinet improves the utilization rate of space; the cabinet door of the laundry cabinet can be folded and the sliding door of the hanging cabinet is designed to reduce the space occupation and use it intimately.

    Lacquer Modern Bathroom Vanity PLWY17084 02

    Product features:
    1. Combination design of laundry cabinet and bathroom cabinet
    2. Folding washing machine cabinet door to reduce space occupation
    3. The sliding door design of the hanging cabinet frees up the space required for opening and closing, making it more intimate to use
    4. LED Multifunctional Vanity Mirror

    Lacquer Modern Bathroom Vanity PLWY17084 03
    Lacquer Modern Bathroom Vanity PLWY17084 04



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