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    Design concept: The Nordic Tale series continues the natural and fresh feeling brought by the Nordic style, using diagonally staggered line textures. Embellished with gold, with thin metal panels and glass cabinets, abandoning the vanity design, it shows a very modern product. Create a comfortable interior environment, where smooth and concise lines meet simple black and white tones. The essence of Nordic minimalist design flows slowly. A transparent glass cabinet is designed at the corner of the wardrobe. Without the ordinary and dullness of the closed cabinet at the corner of the ordinary wardrobe, it not only decorates the entire product, but also does not lack its functionality. The hinged door wardrobe and the glass transparent cabinet are cleverly combined, and the wardrobe provides users with good storage space and privacy. The glass cabinet is both display and storage, and enhances the overall taste. The light strip in the glass cabinet highlights the sophistication and elegance.

    Modern Customized Wardrobes for sale Nordic Tale 3
    Modern Customized Wardrobes for sale Nordic Tale 5

    The Nordic Tale collection continues the natural and fresh tone of Nordic style. The obliquely staggered lines on the door panels, the long and straight handles, and the linear cabinets all reflect the sense of lines and deduce the minimalist Nordic style.
    ①Pure plate products, skilled technology, no technical difficulties.
    ②The simplicity and modernity of rhombus white and the natural elegance of wooden boards are perfectly combined to create a modern minimalist home environment with Nordic style.
    ③The golden profile handle is embedded with a white decorative strip, which is simple and delicate.
    ④The application of delicate and light cold-rolled metal sheet has both display and function.
    ⑤The combination of low cabinets and glass partitions creates a porch in the entry space, which is practical and exquisite.
    ⑥The design of transparent glass cabinet is added to the corner of the wardrobe, which not only decorates the whole product, but also improves the functionality.

    Modern Customized Wardrobes for sale Nordic Tale 4
    Modern Customized Wardrobes for sale Nordic Tale 6
    Modern Customized Wardrobes for sale Nordic Tale 7



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