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    european style wardrobe design dewroma 2

    Style: European Minimalism
    Door Finish: PVC/Melamine/Lacquer
    Muses represent the identity of the ancient Greek goddess, in charge of one of the arts from painting to music, and they are said to be the most inspirational for artists. Inspired by this inspiration, the custom DEWROMA series uses European and modern design techniques to create an artistic, mysterious and romantic home space.

    european style wardrobe design dewroma 3

    Wardrobe’s Shelf shelves and decorative wall cabinets provide ample display space. The arc decorative side panel of the hinged wardrobe for sale is different from the right-angled design of the traditional wardrobe. The use of arc elements brings a soft texture and interprets the elegance and romance of European style in the impression. The luxurious champagne color tone, without excessive jumps in color, quietly describes the warm and elegant style of simple European style.

    european style wardrobe design dewroma 4
    european style wardrobe design dewroma 8

    ①The sideboard uses light-colored door panels to create a harmonious atmosphere in the restaurant space;
    ②The cabinet on the right adopts coated glass door. Make the visual effect more transparent without affecting its storage effect. Coated glass has a unique refraction effect on light, which can bring different visual experience at different visual angles;

    european style wardrobe design dewroma 9
    european style wardrobe design dewroma 10

    ①The vivid texture of the door panel of the TV cabinet adds a bit of agility to the living room. The use of dark colors in the base cabinet increases the weight of the space, making it look calm and elegant.
    ②The design of the rebound door makes the living room space flat and concise. The combination of the open cabinet and the rebound door eliminates the possible bumps caused by the exterior handle, and the shape is more beautiful and minimalist.

    european style wardrobe design dewroma 6
    european style wardrobe design dewroma 5
    european style wardrobe design dewroma 7



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