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    Product Design: Pantone’s popular colors have always played a leading role in the design world. Whether it is technology products, consumables or furniture products, we can always see the shadow of Pantone. Using Pantone’s popular colors to break the boring traditional furniture colors and add high-saturation bright colors, it brings a strong visual impact to users without being obtrusive, which fits the unique aesthetics of young people who are pursuing fashion. The structuralist style derived from architectural design represents the top design language in industrial design. The collision between geometric bodies and the confrontation between lines bring new vitality to furniture design, changing the monotonous design style of the past, to give it a new look.

    The overall style of Stars is more avant-garde, suitable for large-scale and mid-to-high-end home users. With silky silver and titanium grey PVC film, imitation metal effect, with brightly colored red Lacquer and green PVC film. Strong sense of design, geometric structure door panels and matching geometric handles make the cabinet more three-dimensional and have a strong visual impact.

    Modern Fitted Wardrobes for Bedroom STARS 3

    Product Features:
    ①The silky silver PVC film with imitation metal wire drawing effect breaks through the plastic feeling of traditional blister film, and truly achieves the metal texture. Green and gray PVC films are made of new production processes, with good texture and high cost performance.
    ②Red and green, closely follow the international trend of color matching, effectively establish a brand image.
    ③The design of the geometric elements of door panels, cabinets and handles highlights the avant-garde.
    ④The cloakroom uses a gray column-type metal open rack system with lights, the space is open, the interval is freely separated, and the light belt switch is controllable.
    ⑤The coated glass door adopts frameless door hinge, which eliminates the cumbersomeness of metal aluminum frame, and the shape is more beautiful and simple.
    ⑥The sliding door is a new invisible narrow-sided aluminum frame sliding door adapted to the 18mm core board, which makes the sliding feel smoother and more stable and improves the experience.
    ⑦The minimalist metal foot design adds a sense of simplicity and fashion to the shape of the product.
    ⑧The integrated custom design of the door and cabinet wall makes the wall panel and the door more harmonious and regular, and improves the user’s vision and experience from the perspective of the overall space.

    Modern Fitted Wardrobes for Bedroom STARS 4
    Modern Fitted Wardrobes for Bedroom STARS 5



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