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    Modern Grey Bedroom Wardrobe New Trend 3

    Product Design: New Trend uses gray and white as the main color in color matching, and chooses elegant horizontal stripe wood grain with unique imitation gray stone pattern decorative panel in material. Soft yet firm. The use of quiet grey panels and leaf shadow back panels are embellished to create a comfortable and quiet home environment. Gives a relaxed feeling and protects the beauty of life.
    Super high door wardrobe, vertical lines to further expand the space visually. Items that are frequently used are placed in the gold storage area and clothes hanging area of the middle drawer, making it more convenient for users to take them. The embellishment of the marble leaf pattern back panel further strengthens the memory point of the space. The bedside parapet is equipped with ultra-thin metal cold-rolled laminates, which are convenient for storage, easy to install and disassemble, and can be reused. The durability and service life are far longer than wooden laminates.

    Modern Grey Bedroom Wardrobe New Trend 4

    Product Features: New Trend focuses on natural and modern simplicity. Incorporate conceptual theme elements. Natural elements such as light and shadow, plants, drizzle, and flowing clouds, as well as the processing of details such as unique edgebanding with different colors and embedded handles with edgebanding, convey delicate and full emotions.
    ①The different-color edge sealing has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the mature technology shows the ultimate sense of detail.
    ②Unique embedded handle with edge band, simple but not simple.
    ③Rain glass, light-transmitting and impermeable.
    ④The combination of Yokohama white and marble leaf patterns creates a natural and warm atmosphere. horizontal stripes
    The development of wood grain materials has filled the gap in the Oupai wardrobe material system.
    ⑤The narrow-side aluminum frame door is matched with ordinary door hinges, which is cost-effective and matches the target consumer group.

    Modern Grey Bedroom Wardrobe New Trend 5



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