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    MUCHA pays tribute to Alphonse Mucha, a nationally recognized artist of the Czech Republic and a symbol of new art of the times. From the perspective of visual form, Art Nouveau includes two styles: one is an organic curvilinear style; the other is a more concise and abstract linear style. The development of the two styles is not clearly divided into stages. The Mucha series is the innovation and pursuit of artistic ideals. Use simple strokes and lines to outline the expectations for a refined home, and create an ideal artistic “home” that coexists with elegance and fashion.

    Bedroom – Walk in Closet


    The wardrobe and dressing table are connected in an L-shaped layout. The buckle adopts arc-shaped elements to match the arc-shaped aluminum frame to avoid the problem of misalignment between the door handle and the aluminum frame door handle. The inner arc decorative panel of the dressing table and the outer arc decorative panel of the wardrobe are full in shape. The use of rounded decorative panels makes the whole space more coordinated. The use of tall cabinets and full-height square mirrors gives the space a sense of depth. The golden crystal gray coated glass door makes the space more transparent.

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    Design inspiration

    Minimized space design: Simplify design elements, colors, light, and raw materials to the minimum. Less is more. Designers pursue the ultimate combination of beauty and function, and have high requirements for the texture and craftsmanship of materials. The clasps, plugs, decorative post lamps, and the structural shape of the cabinet all use arc elements to echo each other. The hardware color of the whole set of products is coffee copper color, which increases the sense of set. Choose bionic materials such as imitation stone pattern, shadow wood, leather, velvet, and metal. Choose organic brown as the color tone. The golden brown tone with organic texture will play an important role in 2023. It is derived from the natural organic colors of minerals, plants and food crops, awakening people’s yearning for the countryside and the outdoors.

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    Living room-TV cabinet

    The arc connects the cabinet and the wall panel, adopting an integrated design. The color blocks are distributed reasonably, and the cabinet is divided according to the comfortable proportion. Most of the cabinets are shaped as geometric squares, interspersed with arcs and right angles. The overall minimalist design and closed door storage make the living room more tidy. The middle is open to place a TV, and the display rack is designed to display items. The material uses the combination of veneer and lacquer to show the beauty of material collision and improve the cost performance.

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    Living Room – Diagonal Decorative Cabinet

    The inclined open cabinet breaks the conventional form of the traditional cabinet and is refreshing. At the same time, the spatial layout is full of changes, creating a comfortable and comfortable art space.

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    Minimalist door wall cabinet

    The whole house is customized with the same series, and the space is unified as a whole. The minimalist design of the integrated door, wall and cabinet enhances the aesthetic feeling of the space. The interlacing of home space areas is weakened, and the use of flat-axis hinged doors enhances the texture of the home atmosphere and becomes the connector of the space.

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    Living room – Chest of drawers

    The drawers are combined with rounded glass laminates and wooden unit cabinets to enhance visual continuity. The use of glass, embossed board, and glass multi-materials enriches the visual effect of the cabinet and brings a strong visual impact.

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    Dining Room – Sideboard

    The wall cabinets in the dining room adopt an integral design. LDK’s open living and dining room is designed with an island platform. The dark gray color is matched with the light back panel, giving the cabinet more fashionable atmosphere. The design of electrical functional accessories and consoles mainly highlights functionality and the characteristics of smart homes. The design considers people’s living habits and ergonomics in all aspects to make the space more flexible.

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