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    Modern L shaped Wardrobe with Glass Door Design YG20 L01 2

    An excellent wardrobe design should not just be a cabinet for storage, but a magician that helps you to sort out the clothes easily. The L shape wardrobe/cupboard design of glossy transparent glass doors makes it convenient to choose the clothes without worrying about the dust of the walk-in closet.

    This L-shaped luxury wardrobe in the bedroom is designed with light and metal splicing to create a sense of light luxury. The blue-grey velvet upholstered bed collides with the white powder-dusted door panels of the modern custom wardrobe, resulting in a delicate texture. The low-key luxury of this custom wardrobe is inadvertently conveyed to every corner, expressing the interest of life to the fullest. The simple and elegant closet powder color is exquisite, greasy, flawless, and does not complement each other with artworks, creating a confusing space. The strong lines of the L-shaped wardrobe design make people not get lost. The door panel of the cloakroom is one door to the top, and it is done in one go, expressing the sense of minimalism and luxury. The glass is transparent and light, and the atmosphere is soft and rich under the light.

    Modern L shaped Wardrobe with Glass Door Design YG20 L01 3
    Modern L shaped Wardrobe with Glass Door Design YG20 L01 4



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