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    Wardrobe Flowering series, derived from Flowering perfume, top notes: rose, freesia, middle notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, base notes: jasmine. After the spring rain, the grassland is full of greenery and welcomes bursts of fresh scent of white flowers. You can vaguely feel the gentle aroma of rose and lily of the valley, and finally it is clean and cool green. This is exactly the gentle, fresh and healing power displayed by the Flowering series.


    Bedroom – Wardrobe

    ①The wardrobe adopts partition design as a whole, which is suitable for larger apartment spaces. The left side provides an open clothes hanging area and shelf storage space, which can hang frequently used clothes, bags, jewelry and other items. The right side provides a closed storage area and a dressing area.

    ②The wardrobe adopts gray and thousand-weave decorative panels as a whole, bringing a soft visual experience. The open back panel adopts pear wood grain, which is more agile under the background of the light.

    Floweing 3

    Bedroom – bedside background board

    The splicing and collision of different materials and colors brings a fashionable experience. Large arc wall panels are used at the corners, which is softer visually. The gentle arc transitions between the bedroom and the cloakroom, making the sleeping ceremony full of poetry.

    Floweing 4

    Entrance – entrance cabinet

    There is a suspended area under the porch cabinet for placing commonly used shoes. The sweeping robot can also pass through easily, which is convenient for daily maintenance. There is a closed storage space and a hanging area on the top. The smallest space satisfies functions such as seating, storage, and display.

    Floweing 5

    Living room – TV cabinet

    ①The TV cabinet adopts a very sophisticated lighting effect, and the hidden ambient light on the back panel. The addition of lights emphasizes the sense of lines.
    ②After the water moon stone backboard collides with the reddish brown, a feeling of natural agility and space fusion comes oncoming.

    Floweing 1

    Living room – sofa decoration cabinet

    The integration of cabinet doors and walls gives the cabinet a more flexible space layout and gives the wall more practical functional attributes. Cabinet doors and walls achieve the ultimate harmony and unity of space. All layouts take “people” as the core subject to achieve a comfortable and livable space environment. In terms of decorative elements, some lines with simple European Baroque elements and retro elements of curly horn flowers are added to the parapet. The corners are matched with smooth and smooth large arc wall panels, representing a warmer and more peaceful living condition.

    Floweing 2

    Restaurant – sideboard

    ①The storage back cabinet adopts the wall-mounted design, adding the functions of electrical appliances, small household appliances, kitchen tool storage, and artwork display. The island table is a concept of integrating dining and kitchen, providing space for operation and dining, and making reasonable use of space.

    ② Integrated design of door and wall. The same color forms a breathing organism in different materials, visually expanding the spatial effect. The overall color is warm white with reddish brown, and black rock slab countertops are added to present a harmonious matching effect.

    Floweing 6



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