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    Modern Spanish Rock Bathroom Cabinet PLWY21072 02

    Product Design: The design of this bathroom cabinet adopts the combination of double-panel light-colored silver wire and dark-colored hexagonal gold powder with hexagonal stars. The low-key atmosphere hides a sense of luxury. This simple style is very suitable for ceramic tiles;

    Materials: The door panel is made of double decorative panels, and the surface of the double decorative panels is made of melamine impregnated paper, which is wear-resistant and does not fade, and the edge banding adopts the Rehau edge banding; the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is good, so you don’t need to worry about the problem of swelling when exposed to water;

    The countertop is made of quartz stone silver dots, which is the product of OPPEIN’s 26 years of independent research and development. The water absorption rate is as low as 0.03%, and it is not easy to bleed, and our daily cosmetics will not be affected when placed on it;

    Classified Storage: Featured metal racks allow small items to have a place to go;
    Aluminum frame champagne hexagonal mirror with storage function, and can also prevent fog with touch switch. With the addition of metal pendants, it looks more refined. The dark with gold powder star door panel echoes the mirror, dazzling like the stars at night. The drawer adopts Blum damping drawer, the bearing capacity can reach 45kg, the guide rail is pulled smoothly, and there is no sense of frustration. The mirror is a 5mm 6-layer electroplated copper-free silver mirror, the 1:1 image is clearer, and there will be no black edges and black spots.



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