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    Design concept: BLUES series wardrobes take the original UV Lacquer material as the protagonist. The combination of UV Lacquer with three different surface effects of white, coffee and blue presents a series of comfort and charm. The white wood grain bright UV Lacquer gives people a pure feeling but not monotonous. The coffee-colored shadow wood UV Lacquer has a comfortable touch like a skin. Under the rendering of warm light, Blue Sands UV Lacquer radiates the gorgeous characteristics of the base material, like a bright starry river, giving this series a more romantic home atmosphere. By leaving a cross cut on the minimal and flat block surface, the aluminum alloy handle with light is staggered horizontally and vertically, and the golden light is faintly revealed behind the door panel, softening the entire home space.

    Modern UV Lacquer Fitted Wardrobes Blues 3


    The BLUES series custom wardrobes take the use of light, the texture of materials, and the function of space storage as the main theme of this design!

    ①The planning of light is used as a combination of guidance and practical functions in this series of wardrobes, rendering a warm and friendly home atmosphere.
    ②Through the changes of different luster, color and texture, the minimalist design of the plane is rich and colorful.
    ③The development of wood grain UV Lacquer with gold powder and pearl luster makes up for the blank of the existing product system.
    ④ The application of smart mirrors, card slot power rails, and light-buttoned hands, etc., highlights the general trend of technology sense and smart home.
    ⑤ The storage space maximizes the utilization rate of the expansion space through the ingenious three-dimensional use of laminates and hardware accessories.
    ⑥Intimate lighting design with hidden buttons, which is more convenient to use at night, and the golden light creates a warm and friendly home atmosphere.

    Modern UV Lacquer Fitted Wardrobes Blues 4



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