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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23030
    Specification: L3868*W2849mm
    Door panel process: YMD77
    Door panel material:PWMP2030 PWMP2031 PWMC0162
    Glass door/woven door::YML061B
    Cabinet: PWGA0045
    Countertop: PWTE0048
    Hardware: PWWK0195 PWNCO123

    Product design: The classic metallic paint is matched with industrial distressed color. The metal aluminum buckle door type, the addition of linear lighting and glass cabinets make the product high-end without looking cold.


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    Color match
    Rum gold debossed texture with distressed metallic paint hand rubbed texture. The coffee copper metal aluminum frame and aluminum buckle handle increase the sense of product quality.

    Structure layout
    Classic U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout design. The extension table design increases the experience of the cabinet.

    Material properties
    PET material is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The fine embossed metal texture PET is used, which is rare in the industry, and the base cabinet is made of PET imported from Japan, with more delicate details.


    Process Description
    Rumkin adopts PET blister technology. Five-sided vacuum blister, breaking through the limitations of ordinary flat-attached PET doors. Cocoa brown copper adopts cladding process, and the door shape is more refined to enhance product value. The countertop is upgraded with 45° splicing technology, and the landing is more beautiful.

    Humanized function
    The popular Italian-style grille back panel and metal glass shelf with light design are more refined for storage and display. A small appliance operating table is designed in the glass high cabinet to realize simple meal preparation. The hidden storage bar space design increases the interaction with family members.

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