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    Ultra quiet Ceramic Toilet OP W752


    Name: Ultra-quiet Ceramic Toilet

    Model: OP-W752

    Material: Ceramic

    Dimensions Specification: 690*360*685mm

    Hole distance: 305/400mm

    Our Toilet Advantage

    1) 1260℃ high temperature combustion: No smell, durable.

    2) Whole pipeline set: More smooth flushing, stronger momentum.

    3) Leading water-saving effect: Average only 3.5 liters of water consumption.

    4) Super vortex siphon jet: 3 seconds of lightning surge, stronger momentum.

    5) 3 inch large drain: Instantaneously water volume increased by 4 times.

    6) ≥48MM large pipe: Not easy to be polluted, away from the jam.

    7) Ultra-quiet cover plate: 200000 times opening and closing without damage.



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