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    Chinese Bathroom Vanity for Sale PLWY21002 02

    Bathroom Cabinet Design Inspiration: Rouge be the color and Begonia be the shape. Patterned colors meet neat silhouettes. The modern fashion bathroom design interprets the oriental classical romance.
    Bathroom Cabinet Highlights
    1. This custom bathroom cabinet from OPPEIN has a large screen and lighted vanity mirror, which effectively solves the problem of facial shadows and makes beauty clearly visible.

    Chinese Bathroom Vanity for Sale PLWY21002 03

    2. The Lauren Platinum slate countertop of the bathroom cabinet is timeless, with both appearance and quality. The thickness of 12mm slate countertop shows lightness and fashion. Anti-scratch and anti-corrosion, easy to clean without fouling.
    3. Splash-proof under-counter basin with curvature and depth. The basin under the bathroom counter is made of high-temperature fired ceramic body, which is anti-cracking, easy to clean and durable.

    Chinese Bathroom Vanity for Sale PLWY21002 07



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