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    European Simple Bathroom Vanity Wholesale PLWY21205 01

    This custom bathroom cabinet from OPPEIN is based on a minimalist style to create a bathroom cabinet that exudes a refined atmosphere as a whole. Small yet generous, simple yet refined, it is the best choice for fashion and simplicity. The bathroom cabinet door panel has simple and soft lines. The rain silk white cloth pattern is filled with tranquility and beauty, with golden handles as embellishments, the overall exudes a delicate and romantic atmosphere. The lines are extremely smooth. This bathroom cabinet has connotation without publicity, and every detail shows high-quality life. Now contact OPPEIN expert bathroom cabinet team, we will also customize different colors, styles and materials for your bathroom cabinets according to your preferences.

    1. High-quality blister door panels, simple and beautiful lines, environmentally friendly and durable;
    2. One-piece ceramic basin, simple and stylish, nowhere to hide dirt;
    3. The rounded mirror is matched with the rounded laminate, which echoes up and down, and is beautiful and unified.

    European Simple Bathroom Vanity Wholesale PLWY21205 02



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