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    Material: MDF, PVC      Door color: PWMG0257, PWMG0266, PWMG0258
    Countertops: PWTE0030, PWTE0049      Style positioning: New Chinese style
    Design concept: Chinese-style kitchen cabinet “DEWROMA”, like the first ray of sunshine in the morning, spreads golden hope and evokes the desire to cook delicious food. The metal texture line door shape of the kitchen cabinet for sale and the special texture blister film collide with sparks. Coupled with the embellishment of metal decorative pieces, the classical Chinese style has a playful sense of light luxury. The structure of custom kitchen cabinets is also richer and more layered.

    Dewroma 1
    Dewroma 2
    Dewroma 3

    Product Highlights:
    1. Layout: L-shaped kitchen cabinet + island layout design. The high cabinet adds the function of the western kitchen and wine cabinet;
    2. Door panel: 3D textured veneer and embossed blister enhance the door shape characteristics and highlight the metal texture;
    3. Handle: characteristic original handle design;

    Dewroma 4
    Dewroma 5
    Dewroma 6



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