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    Design: The color with visual impact brings nature home, making you away from the hustle and bustle of the city with only comfortable leisure time.
    Color: The green with shining silver effect is inspired by the natural rain forest. With the light and white door panels, the large area of dark gold and green has more visual impact.
    Structure: open L-shaped corner design, two-way operation space, more practical storage.
    Process description: The high and low countertop is ergonomic, and solves the problem of laborious operation at the same height for cooking and washing in the kitchen;
    Material: UV lacquer, gorgeous high-gloss mirror.
    Function/Humanization: The lighting atmosphere is created to soften the entire kitchen space. It is equipped with multiple functional pull baskets such as wall cabinets and floor cabinets to make the storage orderly; the reboundable door panel without handle design is more concise.

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