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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23031
    Specification: L6240*W3050mm
    Door panel process: YMG227 YMG228 YMG229 YMG230
    Door panel material:PWMG1385
    Door: YML043A
    Cabinet: PWGA0045
    Countertop: PWTE0084
    Hardware: PWNC0133 PWNCO068

    Product design: A light French romantic getaway. The overall space of the kitchen focuses on creating a sense of atmosphere, with a minimalist and integrated design that combines functions and details.

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    Color match
    A large area of white is combined with romantic French line carved elements and golden dots. While the overall is clean and simple, there is no lack of details and colors.

    Structure layout
    LDK’s integrated design makes the kitchen no longer traditional and closed. The integration of fireplaces and parapets also makes the overall space warmer and more dynamic.

    Process Description
    The minimalist plastic lines are combined with the combined door shape, which is simple and elegant. The carved points enhance the details and quality.

    Humanized function
    LDK’s integrated design makes the kitchen no longer traditional and closed. The sideboard integrates functions such as wine cabinet and fireplace cabinet to make the kitchen more diversified and functional.

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