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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23024
    Specification: L5030mm
    Door panel process: YMK001 YMK300
    Door panel material:PWMK2176 PWMK2134
    Glass door/woven door:YML038A
    Countertop: PWTE0088
    Hardware parts: PBQY153A PBZP0139 PWNS0176 PWNSO185A PWNC069A

    Product design: Less is more. It is the result of the extension and deliberation of the designer’s thinking. It is not simply “stacked and plainly placed”, it has the designer’s emotional pouring. The ingenious design integrates a calm, simple and modern space style into the whole cabinet.


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    Color match
    The high cabinets with silver-grey matte lacquer and the island table with champagne shade reflect the unity of form and details. The luminous back panel of the high cabinet and the luminous back panel of the island form a front and back echo. The contrast between the slate countertop and the paint color creates a comfortable and natural social environment.

    Structure layout

    HOUMAS is an I-type kitchen cabinet layout with an island, with powerful storage and operating system. The tall cabinets and parapets lined up along the wall are designed in one piece.

    Material properties

    The kitchen cabinets are finished in lacquer. Lacquer has strong visual impact, strong color rendering, good surface finish, and also has wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The slate countertop is more environmentally friendly and healthy than marble, has more wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has the characteristics of fire resistance and high temperature resistance.

    Humanized function

    High cabinets are designed with plug-in door panels, hidden refrigerators and hidden storage, making the whole space more generous and decent. The application of precision crafted metal glass cabinets and transparent acrylic back panels allows both decoration and storage. The I-shaped cabinet design with an island makes the activity space more free and efficient. The design of the lift-type hood on the island allows the kitchen to have both a sense of technology and practicality, and you can fully experience the convenience that technology brings to life at home.

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