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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23023
    Specification: L5617*W3104*H2690mm
    Door panel process: YMH104 YMH105 YMP054
    Door panel material:PWMH0072 PWMH066 PWMV0027
    Door: YML030B
    Cabinet: PWGA045
    Countertop: PWTY1111
    Hardware: PWWT0065 PWNNO008 PBZPO107B, PBZPO107A PWNS168

    Product design: Simple pure color elements, clear line design, semi-permeable sand glass and spray handles enhance the overall product’s de-metallic effect. At the same time, it shows the delicate and pure romance of cream style to the fullest.

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    Color match
    Based on soft warm colors, paired with hazy and soft white sand glass to create a warm and creamy kitchen. Warm creamy white, paired with low-saturated milk tea color, elegant yet warm.

    Structure layout
    LDK’s novel design perfectly integrates the central kitchen space with the western kitchen side cabinet with water bar function.

    Process Description
    The aluminum frame and the door panel adopt the same color powder spraying fine sand process to realize the integration of the tone and texture of the handle and the door panel. A new door type with a streamlined design. The first countertop edge embedded lighting.


    Humanized function
    The embedded light belt on the dining table is designed like a thin skirt around a woman’s waist, adding to the overall atmosphere. Both ends of the cabinet are open, and the open cabinet is designed with an oblique angle on the left, which makes the vision more slender. The cabinet is matched with home appliances to meet a series of needs such as storage and display. The island is sunken to connect with the dining and kitchen space. The open design at both ends of the cabinet body connects the entry and living room spaces, making it easy to realize the LDK integrated kitchen with both function and appearance.

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