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    Door panel color: Sintered Surface PWME0021, PWME0022
    Countertops: PWTE0032, PWTE0049
    Style positioning: Industrial light luxury style
    Design concept: Goethe’s unique slate and metal texture collide with the kitchen cabinet, perfectly combining retro industry with aesthetic luxury. Steady and not rigid, retro fusion art. Under its calm and atmospheric appearance, Goethe contains the core of romanticism, and it shows luxurious texture in the swaying light and shadow.

    Goethe 1
    Goethe 2
    Goethe 3

    Handle: The illuminated handle of the kitchen cabinet makes the space lighting clear and bright;
    Door panel: The application and integrated design of high cabinets with stone grain slate, combined with lighting, create an industrial-style space with a sense of high art;
    Bar: kitchen cabinets with olive bar, OPPEIN’s original tree of life bar legs;
    Laminate side panel: The beveled edge design has a strong three-dimensional effect;

    Goethe 4
    Goethe 5
    Goethe 6
    Goethe 7



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