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    Door color: Wood Veneer: PWMM4007, PWMM4008
    Countertops: PWTE0049, PWTE0048
    Style positioning: Modern light luxury
    Design concept: The new kitchen cabinet Munch completes a high-end luxury revolution through the application of novel and high-value elements with unique expressionist art. Sophistication and luxury are at your fingertips.

    Munch 1
    Munch 2

    Handle: Munch uses a new aluminum-embedded ribbon-style novel handle;
    High-end veneer: The kitchen cabinet adopts high-end luxury veneer, and the overall matching not only retains the retro charm, but also reveals the feeling of light luxury art.
    Curved door panel: The flowing appearance of the door panel and the meticulous design without edges and corners are both gorgeous and beautiful and prevent bumps;
    Layout: The F-type layout of the kitchen cabinets makes the functions reasonably distributed and the moving lines reasonable;
    Function cabinet: The design of wall-mounted hanging cabinet increases the storage display effect and enhances the space permeability;

    Munch 3
    Munch 4
    Munch 5



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