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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23034
    Specification: L3820*W2450mm
    Door panel process: YMC003 YMA001
    Door panel material:PWMC163 PWMA0237
    Cabinet: PWGA0046
    Countertop: PWTY1048

    Product design: The kitchen cabinets are of medium size. In terms of the material of the door panel, the designer takes design inspiration from ceramic elements and classical architecture. Ice cracks and micro-cement patterns are matched with high-definition and high-transparency high-definition UV technology, presenting a transparent and layered porcelain effect.

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    Color match

    White glossy UV with warm wood grain. Let people embrace nature and return to their true nature.

    Structure Layout
    The kitchen cabinet adopts a T-shaped space layout, which visually expands the movable space of the kitchen. The operating table is further extended to further integrate with the dining room.

    Material properties

    The white bright door panel is inspired by the “ice cracked porcelain” of the official kilns of the Southern Song Dynasty in ancient China. The white layers on the celadon glaze layer are clearly visible, as if the ice had burst.


    Process Description
    Flat straight edge, minimalist craftsmanship. The bright UV process makes the kitchen cabinet high-definition and high-transparency while having a delicate paint film effect.

    Humanized function

    The T-shaped open kitchen makes more reasonable use of the aisle space. The bright UV material is easy to take care of and brings a longer service life to the kitchen cabinet.

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