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    Design concept: The special imitation metal brushed PVC film, combined with the looming solid color metal texture titanium gold PVC film, creates a soft industrial style as a whole. This style of tonality can be liked by more people, and it can also adapt to a wider range of interior styles. Based on light industrial-style materials, it is matched with a semi-embedded metal handle. Create a wider audience of industrial-style products with metallic materials.
    Color matching: Pan-metallic color silver brushed texture reflects the characteristics of industrial style products, with a metallic titanium-gold skin-feeling wall cabinet. The cabinets give people a warm and comfortable feeling, breaking through the cold stereotyped look and feel of previous industrial-style products, making the products more acceptable and liked by more people.
    Structural layout: classic L-shaped layout. The complete functional combination and reasonable kitchen moving line design make the product experience more favorable.


    Process description: Semi-embedded handle, excellent in use, more delicate with metal door panel.
    Material characteristics: Metal textured brushed film that can be used for blister process, and has the characteristics of extensibility. Make the physical and chemical properties of the door panel more stable. At the same time, it is more malleable and can better reflect the sense of design.
    Function/Humanization: The hidden electrical cabinet design makes the appearance of the product more concise and atmospheric. Integrated stoves can be integrated into the design, giving consumers more choices. The efficient use of the corner cabinet layout greatly improves the utilization rate of the corner cabinet and fully reflects the cost performance.



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