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    Design: The proportion of door cabinets, open shelves and metal pendants strengthens the spatial hierarchy and enriches the functionality. The elegant industrial style and the main color of urban healing coral blue bring a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
    Color: Coral blue and dark matte metal open frame, embellished with gray oak grain.
    Structure: T-shaped layout; the optimized cooking line design improves cooking efficiency.
    Process: The door panel adopts rhombic surface treatment effect to enhance the touch and visual sense of the product. The gray glass has a built-in atmosphere light bar to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The matte metal open shelf is functional and practical, and is used to display common kitchen utensils or handicrafts.
    Material: Classic gray oak grain geometric patchwork back panel.

    Function/Humanization: Hidden, transparent and open storage are all available. The extended island is suitable for the family to prepare meals together.

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