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    Design concept: The designer’s unremitting pursuit of modern minimalist design is the tribute of the “Gluck” music master to the concept of de-complexity and simplicity in music and advocating the concept of natural simplicity. The natural comfort, warmth and harmony are brought into the home by the use of natural wood-colored golden oak and matte, elegant and delicate stone patterns. The I-shaped linear structure layout design is simple and clear, suitable for small and medium-sized apartments, and has complete storage functions. The overall use of simple and elegant colors, to create a set of small, exquisite and comfortable petty bourgeoisie products for customers.


    Color matching: The classic and elegant oak wood grain is matched with the delicate stone grain, the combination of the two highlights the natural harmony and the comfort of home.
    Structural layout: I-shaped layout with small volume, which is convenient for terminal designers to perfectly interpret design elements into customers’ homes.


    Process description: The wood grain adopts the current popular washing color surface treatment. The plain color is designed with a delicate stone surface, which is full of details.
    Material characteristics: The double-veneer panel with imitation wood texture has a high degree of realism and restoration of the texture. The texture of the veneer has a strong three-dimensional effect and a strong texture. Rich color details, cost-effective.
    Function/Humanization: The metal light-emitting laminate light provides sufficient lighting for the operating space, while creating a sense of fashion and technology. The use of countertop storage cabinets not only enriches the overall product effect, but also facilitates daily use and storage. The design of the extension bar increases the interaction area between family and friends, and also has a convenient dining function, providing a light eating area.



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