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    High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet PLCC20117 3 1

    This is a modern melamine kitchen with a typical L-shaped layout. The wood grain melamine is not only economical but also fashionable. Meanwhile, the high cabinets and wall cabinets provide the kitchenette with plenty of storage space. 

    The light wood grain of this kitchen cabinet, as well as the white kitchen cabinets above, make the kitchen look more clean and tidy. Besides, the kitchen cabinet has a homey feel that keeps you in a good mood while cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet for sale has a powerful storage function, and the storage space can be seen everywhere, so that your kitchen utensils can be well placed. Apart from the color and the shape shown here, you can also customize your new kitchen cabinet in different shape or colors based on your needs. Feel free to contact our expert to get a nice custom kitchen cabinet now!

    L shaped Melamine Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinet OP20 M08 4
    L shaped Melamine Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinet OP20 M08 5



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