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    Door color: PET: PWMP2024, PWMP2025
    Countertop: PWTE0067
    Style positioning: light luxury
    Design concept: Mucha is a Czech national treasure artist, and his work is a model of modern printing art design. The new kitchen cabinet Breezy adopts the effect of imitating high-grade car paint and the simple line design, which makes the fashionable and environmentally friendly PET material more high-quality. The combination of the rich texture of Lanshan gray with three-dimensional embossing of shadows and the lighting system with a sense of technology gives the space an exploration of future life.

    Breezy 1
    Breezy 2

    Layout: F-shaped kitchen cabinet design, high and low countertops with horizontal and vertical line design;
    Back: Jade spiral pattern, showing high-grade and strong texture;
    Glass door: The glass door panel is engraved with the tree of life of OPPEIN, which symbolizes prosperity and life;

    Breezy 3
    Breezy 4



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