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    Product Information

    Code: PLCC23039
    Specification: L5150*W3004mm
    Door panel process: YMA001 YMA119 YMA120
    Door panel material:PWMA0538 PWMA0539
    Glass door/woven door:YML061B
    Cabinet: PWGA0046
    Countertop: PWTY1110

    Product design: The kitchen cabinet adopts oriental brocade cloud pattern door panel. The handle shape design of Chinese garden window grilles combined with Chinese landscape painting has become the finishing touch of the kitchen cabinet. Simple curved design techniques and color matching design create a modern oriental youthful kitchen

    Brocade 4
    Brocade 2

    Color match

    The combination of raw wood tones and white is a pleasant mood. Under the light, white reveals a beautiful picture of cloud patterns. The new Chinese-style frame structure is composed and flexible through color matching and line and surface design.

    Structure layout

    The L-shaped high cabinet design is combined with the current popular dining table and island platform, which not only facilitates moving lines, but also increases more operating space. The integrated design of dining and kitchen combining Chinese and Western kitchens brings quality life experience.

    Material properties

    The kitchen cabinet adopts white door panels designed with dragon scale cloud patterns and brocade elements. From a distance, it looks simple and elegant, but from a close look, it is a fashionable new color of cloud brocade dark pattern.

    Process Description
    The built-in buckle handle is designed as an original traditional window grille handle, which is integrated with the door shape. The industry-leading double-panel arc technology realizes the cost-effective openable arc cabinet.

    Humanized function
    The kitchen cabinet is a functionally integrated Chinese and Western kitchen counter layout. The design of the central dining table and island platform is convenient for immediate enjoyment of delicacies with the family. The glass high cabinet with lights is designed with a sense of transparency, and the unique suspended storage operation table makes the overall space a combination of virtual and real. The curved corners and wooden color design are full of agility, creating a kitchen that is more in line with the aesthetics of young people.

    Brocade 3
    Brocade 1
    Brocade 5



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