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    Melamine Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21182

    Color matching: classic light gray and dark gray, stable and timeless.
    Door panel material
    : Melamine for kitchen cabinets

    Design concept: This modern kitchen cabinet design is in modern minimalist gray color, classic and stable color matching; the overall space of the modern cabinet is clearly layered, the open metal frame and the high-end melamine cabinets are reasonably matched to remove depression and bring a touch of lightness and agility to the space.

    Function/Humanization: Metal open shelves are suitable for storage of condiments and delicate kitchen items, glass modern kitchen cupboards can be used to store wine and glassware, built-in ambient lighting, bring extra lighting and add quality life fun.

    Melamine Modern Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21182 1440 600 1

    Structural layout: This gray kitchen design is in F-shaped layout, the moving line design conforms to cooking habits. Powerful storage to meet daily needs, an activity space that meets the diverse needs of family members. Concise and efficient, creating a life concept of “portable operation and complete functions”.
    Process description: The ultra-thin slate combined with the sturdy aluminum frame, and the door panel integrated handle-free design outlines the beauty of simple design.
    Material characteristics: The slate is delicate and natural, the texture is unrestrained and elegant, the three-dimensional texture is strong, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Warm matte surface, comfortable touch, easy to clean, beautiful and durable at the same time, bring the double impact of vision and touch, is the best material to create a perfect modern kitchen cabinet.
    Function/Humanization: The storage baskets are reasonably distributed in the three-dimensional space of the base cabinet and the high cabinet. Combining the beautiful and usable wall-mounted system design and placement, it brings consumers a convenient and friendly kitchen experience.

    Melamine Modern Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21182 1440 600 2
    Melamine Modern Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21182 1440 600 3
    Melamine Modern Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21182 1440 600 4



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