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    Product Information

    : PLCC23026
    Specification: L5014mm
    Door panel process: YMN079 YMN080 YMN081
    Door panel material:PWMN2001
    Cabinet: PWGA0046
    Countertop: PWTE0086 PWTY2013
    Hardware: PWWK0192 PWWL0601A PWWL0601B PWWL0601C PWNNO012A PWNCO069A PWNS101PWNS0174 PWNS0174A

    Product design: 
    The dark oak technical wood veneer is matched with the imitation natural luxury stone texture bridging the rock slab bar, which is more shining in the light and shadow. It embodies a kind of transcendent state of realizing life and being able to retract and release freely.

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    Color match
    The dark oak technical veneer and the coffee copper metal handle exude a calm and unique temperament. Decorative light strips are concealed around the island. The use of magic glass combined with the textured luminous backboard of the high cabinet improves the transparency of the space as a whole.

    Process Description
    The door panel adopts Italian-style painting transparent-light splitting process, exuding a soft and low-key charm; the integrated handle of the high cabinet, the aluminum alloy part is covered with wood veneer in the same color, and is integrated with the high cabinet door panel; the door panel of the base cabinet is made of Roman gray aluminum frame technology, embedded in the middle The old industrial-style coffee copper metal handle is cold and not cold to enjoy the high-end; the use of magic tempered glass on the base cabinet brings the rhythm of light and shadow, awakening the vitality of the space.

    Structure layout
    In the high cabinet part, the open wine rack on the left and the closed door panel on the right complement each other perfectly. The bridging bar with a sense of suspension connects the islands on both sides, which is a metaphor for the realm of intellectual life where one is divided into two and the two are combined into one.

    Humanized function
    The application of textured light-transmitting back wall and magic tempered glass awakens the colorful social kitchen. It is also easy to have a versatile lifestyle in the kitchen. The modular hanging wine rack and the luminous wine glass hanger above the floating bar provide a different and free wine space. During the quiet time, people relax calmly in the atmosphere of fireworks, and the elite lifestyle that everyone yearns for is about to emerge.

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