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    Small Country Style PVC Shaker Kitchen Cabinet OP20 PVC01 2
    This is a country style kitchen cabinets design with PVC finish. The combination of retro shaker door panel and Macaroon green color give the whole small shaker kitchen design a sense of being poetic and being back to the nature.
    Small Country Style PVC Shaker Kitchen Cabinet OP20 PVC01 4

    This shaker kitchen cabients are a combination of light green PVC base cabinets and white PVC high cabinets. You can choose L-shaped kitchen cabinets and U-shaped kitchen cabinets according to the size of the kitchen space. U-shaped PVC cabinets add more storage space. Although this is country style cabinets, it is also very suitable for young people’s choice, the color is very small and fresh. If you want to choose a shaker style kitchen for sale, these typical green shaker kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. Aesthetic is never the only purchase of OPPEIN kitchens. To better utilize the space, the functional accessories like spice pull put and plate pull out are fitted into this small L-shaped kitchen. It’s no issue even your kitchen is not L-shaped, OPPEIN could custom made based on your kitchen layout. Take a view of the below designs with different layout for reference.

    Small Country Style PVC Shaker Kitchen Cabinet OP20 PVC01 3



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