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    Design concept: Turandot is inspired by American-style products that pay attention to craftsmanship details. The fusion of American style and modern materials, and the rich design of life scenes make you feel the retro and leisure of American cabinets. The product is designed by the Italian designer Mark. Classic American door panel shape with silver metal brushed core panel. The stylized hood decorative cabinet and curved solid wood chair combine the symmetrical structure of traditional hanging cabinets and floor cabinets. Beautiful yet detailed, with a touch of French elegance.
    Color matching: The white and gray-blue lacquered door panels are decorated with dark brown wood grains, creating a warm, elegant and retro atmosphere. With the addition of metal core panels, it integrates fashion and innovative modernity.


    Structural layout: L-shaped island with curved chairs, multi-functional application scenarios, very suitable for open interactive spaces.

    Process description: The painted door frame is embedded with PET metal flat core board. The arc table and door panel create a curved island, which is uneven, and matches the solid wood curved chair. It shapes an elegant lifestyle;
    Material characteristics: matt baking paint has high flatness, strong texture, delicate and beautiful, and the paint film is thick and uniform. The round handle and long handle made of stainless steel echo the door panel, with a little toughness in the softness.
    Function/Humanization: The multi-functional island with bar counter, ice bucket and dining chair is suitable for a variety of life scenarios. The operating area with small electrical appliances inside the high cabinet provides another operating space.




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