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    Kitchen Cabinet Design: The kitchen cabinet’s integrated handle in MFC is in harmony with the lines of the open storage layer. Naturally cracked wood grain and metallic blue door materials are used to inject vitality into the space.
    Color: Warm cracked oak with blue metal texture door panels.
    Structure: L-shaped classic layout kitchen cabinet, moderate size, and powerful storage and display functions.
    Process: MFC panel door panel is embedded with an integrated handle, forming a coordinated and unified tone of the whole set of custom kitchen cabinets.
    Material: Japanese F4 star environmental protection MFC board, with natural continuous cracking wood grain texture, with solid wood effect; blue door panel with metal texture, natural warmth and calm and low-key luxury.

    Function/Humanization: The integrated door handle of the kitchen cabinet for sale is simple and practical, and the open storage shelf next to the wall cabinet has a light bar, which has both storage and lighting functions and beautiful effects.

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