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    Modern UV Lacquer Kitchen Cbainet PLCC21340 1440 600 1

    Design Concept:
    The ideals of life are poetry and distance, and the jumping heart is like a picturesque poem. This kitchen cabinet adds a touch of joy to life in the plain firework kitchen. The deep Nice wood grain is like a spiritual narrative, leading our hearts to the distant sky.
    Product: This kitchen cabinet uses a large area of color block combination design, bringing a strong visual impact.
    Color Matching: coffee color Nice wood grain with Dubai gold marble pattern, make the cabinet full of light luxury style
    Structural Layout: F-type layout, the open floor cabinet and dining table are integrated, making the cabinet layout reasonable and practical.
    Process Description: handle-free lighting design; rounded wooden bar legs soften the kitchen space;
    Material Characteristics: The texture of the matte wood grain super crystal board is clear and natural, and the bright Dubai gold super crystal board is rich in color;
    Function/Humanization: The wall open cabinet is designed to subdivide the storage space, such as storage of drinks and snacks after tea, which can better satisfy the emotional communication of kitchen interaction.

    Modern UV Lacquer Kitchen Cbainet PLCC21340 1440 600 2
    Modern UV Lacquer Kitchen Cbainet PLCC21340 1440 600 3
    Modern UV Lacquer Kitchen Cbainet PLCC21340 1440 600 4
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